Archives for January 24, 2006

Letter of the Day: Response to “Brokeback Mountain” Review

Today I received this letter in response to my Brokeback Mountain review. Its typical of other responses I've received, but this one was such a convenient distillation of the various contradictions and claims that I was grateful for the chance to address so many common attacks on Christian faith in one fell swoop.When someone starts out by telling you to put down your Christian persepctive and see things the way they are, well, you know you're in for a grand time. I'm not the most eloquent … [Read more...]

"The Book of Daniel" is closed, done, kaput.

Read the outpouring of grief over the cancellation of The Book of Daniel.Apparently, it was Evangelical Right-Wing Extremist Censorship that shut down the show. … [Read more...]

Specials: Beware Knightley! Moring interviews Emma Thompson. Evangelical NY Times Writer: Oxymoron? Shea on Spear.

WHAT I'M SEEING TODAY Tsotsi. Anybody else here seen it?IS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY'S SMILE DANGEROUS? Can you look away from that smile? It has a strange and dismaying power. I mean, look at her! There's something almost violent about that smile. She's she's brandishing a weapon with complete confidence that no one can withstand its power... Slap some green makeup on her, and you've got the sequel to 28 Days Later.[Graham Chapman voice] RUN AWAY!!![/Graham Chapman voice]I await Pirates of … [Read more...]