Archives for February 8, 2006

Half-Shot Contest #6 – winner!!

Congratulations, Nick Alexander! Pearl Harbor is, indeed, the film, in which Josh Hartnett plays Danny.This means, of course, that either "Nick" or "Alexander" will be your hint for the next Half-Shot. Stay tuned.... … [Read more...]

Even the Steelers’ quarterback doesn’t think that was a touchdown.

For all you Steelers fans who have emailed me to insist that your quarterback did score that touchdown, guess who agrees with me?Your quarterback.I stand by my statement. The Seahawks lost because the refs decided they would lose, not because the Steelers won.Elsewhere:Miami Herald: But make no mistake about Super Bowl XL, the performance of referee Bill Leavy and his crew overshadowed Pittsburgh's heroics and Seattle's blunders.The Seahawks justifiably can complain that … [Read more...]