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Specials: Ford’s Firewall collapse. "Christian is the new gay." Gilliam’s next.

Friday specials:CAN THE DECLINE OF HARRISON FORD'S CAREER GET ANY MORE DEPRESSING? Michael Atkinson on Firewall: "The post-Die Hard genre is on its last legs, and the movie is as tired in its bones as [Harrison] Ford, who at 63 has crossed the line from robust, no-nonsense manliness to doughy-creepy grumpster." (Thanks, GreenCine daily)And here's Peter T. Chattaway's review: It is significant that Ford's first movie in years is not one of those serious dramas or offbeat comedies that … [Read more...]

2006 Faith and Film Critics Circle Nominations

Bookmark this blog entry!The Faith and Film Critics Circle (FFCC) - more than a dozen Christian film critics taking films seriously as works of art - are already busy suggesting and considering films for next year's FFCC Awards. The cool thing about the FFCC awards ... YOU are welcome to suggest films for their consideration in these categories as well.Post your entry in the COMMENTS below, and I will add your selections to the Master List. But you must enter them in this simple … [Read more...]

The Da Vinci Challenge, the NY Times coverage, and Wellborn’s perspective

[UPDATE: The Da Vinci Challenge site is suddenly out of service. Is it a glitch? Or was it shut down for some reason?]The New York Times has already noticed a new Web site, just launched today, created by Sony Pictures and Grace Hill Media called The Da Vinci Challenge, where Christian writers will bring all kinds of extra attention to the movie of The Da Vinci Code by discrediting it right and left.Amy Wellborn raises interesting questions about the whole endeavor here.Me, I hope I … [Read more...]