Archives for February 16, 2006

Specials: Sophie Scholl. Casting news. X-Men ends.

Friday's specials:Well, I saw The New World again last night. Went with Anne and my new friend Mark Shea. We all basked in the glory, even though the beauty of Malick's film was completely lost on the row of teenagers sitting behind us who talked through the entire film. They must have been disappointed by the lack of sex scenes, revenge plots, and things blowing up.Anyway, this was my third viewing of The New World on the big screen, and it has officially passed my three-viewing test. … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on CCM … 16 years ago.

Andy Whitman's music blog is one of my favorites, and today's entry is especially interesting. (Opus, I see, has noticed it as well.) It's a commentary on Contemporary Christian Music written 16 years ago. And it's still oh so relevant (if you'll permit me the use of that much-abused word.)It's worth noting that 16 years ago, Leslie Phillips had recently changed her name to Sam Phillips, jumped off the CCM ship, and reinvented herself as Sam Phillips, with the album The Indescribable Wow … [Read more...]