Archives for February 18, 2006

The greatest Bush impersonator in the world?

Steve Bridges may be the best George W. Bush impersonator in the world. And he made quite a splash at the Jeff Foxworthy Roast hosted by Comedy Central. Here's a video that shows off what he can do. [UPDATE: LINK REMOVED because they added pornographic images to the page. Fools.] It's only the briefest sampling. He gets started on a routine about Cheney here that is pure genius, but this clip only shows the opening lines of it.I've seen this man perform at Biola... his alma mater. Even up … [Read more...]

The New York Times’ Stephen Holden praises "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days"

The film has opened in New York, and Stephen Holden is impressed.Even the Village Voice admits it's an admirable achievement.And now, Steven D. Greydanus is sounding the trumpets and heralding Sophie Scholl: The Final Days as an A+ motion picture. He calls it: of a very few films that accomplishes one of the rarest and most valuable of cinematic achievements: It makes heroic goodness not just admirable, but attractive and interesting. I'm telling you... Sophie Scholl is the … [Read more...]