Archives for February 20, 2006

Julia Jentsch on Playing Sophie Scholl

Cinematical has an interview with Julia Jentsch, the actress who deserves an Oscar nomination for her performance in Sophie Scholl: The Final Days. (Alas, the film is only nominated for Best Foreign Film. It deserved a screenplay nomination and a Best Supporting Actor nomination as well.) … [Read more...]

Thanks to Jennie Spohr

Jennie Spohr is wrapping up an impressive endeavor over at Seattle's University Presbyterian Church. The film festival she hosted, entitled "Dreams of Our Childhood," inspired quite a few moviegoers to look at films with greater discernment, to appreciate more fully the possibilities and the power of big screen art.Thanks, Jennie, for your hard work. It was exciting to see people gathering in a church to discuss the rich veins of truth and beauty in films like Born into Brothels, films that … [Read more...]

What Would You Show in a Film Festival About "Calls to Conscience and Action"

Having just seen Born into Brothels again, I'm inspired to consider what other films have done such a great job of making us care about wrongs that need to be righted in the world.If you were to host a film festival in hopes of inspiring viewers to apply themselves to serve a good cause, what films would you show? What matters would they ask us to consider? Some films are downright preachy, and they end up being more irritating than inspiring. What are the works of art that make us want to … [Read more...]