Archives for March 3, 2006

Screenwriter John August: The Difference Between Professionals and Amateurs

John August, who wrote Big Fish and the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, delivered this amusing, enlightening speech at Trinity University last week, explaining the the differences between writers who are professionals and writers who are amateurs. … [Read more...]

"The Sparrow" … starring Brad Pitt?

This is looking more and more likely. … [Read more...]

Mercir is Big News!

One of my favorite earthlings, my co-worker Rachel Eby, is an uncommonly joyful person. And she has some good reasons to be joyful.Not only is she savoring the mystery of not knowing whether she's about to have a boy or a girl in May... … [Read more...]

A Movieguide Survivor Responds to the Previous Post

This comment was added to my previous post, and I'm grateful to Sean Gaffney for his input and perspective. Wow, Jeff, where to begin.I had the interesting experience of writing freelance reviews for Movie Guide years ago (way too far down the food chain to even meet the founder). On one hand, I feel for you, brother. On the other – congratulations! If Mr. Baehr thinks you deserve attack, it probably means you are doing quality work.And my heart goes out to all the reviewers working u … [Read more...]