Archives for March 13, 2006

Innocence Mission / Over the Rhine updates

[CORRECTION: Seems I was duped by a rumor about Sufjan Stevens remastering the Innocence Mission album. Truth is, he just really really loves it, and there's a quote on the packaging of him raving about it.]Two of the most beautiful voices in music.Two married couples.Two of my favorite bands.Over the Rhine and The Innocence Mission.And in 2006, we'll be hearing new albums from both.Over the Rhine's new live record is about to ship to those who have ordered it through … [Read more...]

Specials: “Inside Man” – Spike Lee’s best film? Betty Page. Kieslowski.

Sunday specials:THE BEST SPIKE LEE FILM EVER? (via GreenCine Daily) Emmanuel Levy nearly hyperventilates raving about Spike Lee's Inside Man: ... nothing short of brilliant. As of March, it's the best film of 2006. It's also the best film Lee has made in his twenty-year career. I'll review the film at length next week, but for now, the best compliment I can pay Lee and Inside Man is to say that both the master of suspense Hitchcock and prince of New York City police dramas Sidney Lumet … [Read more...]