Archives for March 22, 2006

Specials: Defending “Bubble.” Poo-pooing Proulx’s poo-poo. New Issues of Paste and Risen! Bad Refs.

Defending Bubble. What to do when friends disagree over movies?Jessica Poundstone wrote in to take issue with Adam Walter's assessment of Soderbergh's Bubble: The real reason I'm commenting is that I think Bubble deserves a much more careful viewing than Mr. Walter has given it. I'm not saying it's one of Soderburgh's very best, but I thought the film was a fascinating attempt to make a movie via a method (using non-actors, filming in their own town using elements of their real lives) that … [Read more...]

Surprisingly Satisfying “Inside Man”

Spring has just begun, and I already have a strong list of 2006 favorite films.Spike Lee's Inside Man just joined the list.It's a satisfying, intense, and surprisingly laugh-out-loud-funny thriller.Denzel Washington does his thing, and does it well.Jodie Foster is frighteningly intense.Christopher Plummer continues to prove that this chapter of his career is the best chapter of his career.Chiwetel Ejiofor (the ultra-cool villain in Serenity, the hero in Dirty Pretty … [Read more...]