Archives for April 5, 2006

Does “V for Vendetta” celebrate rape? (And other viewer mail.)

The latest letters at CT Movies are very interesting: I saw V for Vendetta, and I am appalled that the cruelty shown toward the Natalie Portman character has been overlooked in practically every movie review I've read. ... Why is no one noticing this? This is a film about a rape, not a revolt. You know what? I completely agree. I haven't officially reviewed the film yet, but I was very disturbed by the way they ended up showing the abuse of this character in a positive light. Why didn't you … [Read more...]

Innocence Mission / Don Peris contest – Deadline extended.

I've got two copies of Don Peris's new solo album: Go When the Morning ShinethAnd I want you to have one of them.So here's the deal:It's tough to describe something as fragile and beautiful as The Innocence Mission's music. So I'm asking for help.Go listen to some of the music that Don and Karen Peris have recorded.Write down what it is that makes their music so enchanting. Just a paragraph... that's all.Email your description to best … [Read more...]