Archives for April 10, 2006

The Christian Faith of Pin-up Betty Page

The New York Daily News has a feature on the buzz-generating new film about the famous pinup girl Betty Page, starring Gretchen Mol.And finally someone has noted whether or not The Notorious Betty Page deals with the fact that Page's Christian faith played, and continues to play, a major role in her life. (I linked to another article a few weeks ago that addressed Page's current professions of faith, but now we know that aspect of her life made it into the film.) A life-long Baptist, Page … [Read more...]

If You Believe in The Gospel of Judas, I Have Some Magic Sandals to Sell You.

If you believe the stories you're reading in newspapers about the Gospel of Judas, let me buy you a subscription to The Weekly World News.GetReligion joins the parade of bloggers pointing out the obvious for the masses who seem determined to flaunt their gullibility.Here's where the fun starts: Before I criticize the ridiculous ignorance of the media in covering this very old story, let me offer a critique of the church. If Christians knew anything about their history, if they knew … [Read more...]

Will “Charlotte’s Web” Be Broken?

One of my worst film-adaptation nightmares looks like it's about ready to come true.Charlotte's Web, one of my favorite children's books, was made into a fine animated film decades ago. But with the success of Babe, it became inevitable that the book would be turned into a live-action talking-animal movie.I hoped and hoped they would do the job with dignity.But alas, I've just seen a preview, and my worst fears are realized:The trailer prominently displays a moment when a rat is … [Read more...]