Archives for April 16, 2006

Have a JOYOUS Easter!

Notice I didn't say "Have a Happy Easter."Happiness is based on temporal things.A chocolate egg can make somebody happy, for a while.Happiness is about feeling good.Joy... joy is based on something everlasting. It is the sensation of realizing something transcendant and sure, something that lifts us up out of our daily distractions and duties to comprehend something of God's glory.If you don't believe in Christ's resurrection from the dead, you may find some happiness along … [Read more...]

Smashing! "Live from Nowhere" is Over the Rhine at their live best.

Isn't it wonderful when a live audience knows how to be quiet?It doesn't happen much anymore -- musicians casting such a spell over the audience that they can put down their instruments mid-song and let the vocalist's voice resonate without any violating whistles or noises from the crowd.But it happens on Live from Nowhere, Volume One, the new live collection from Over the Rhine."This is our loungey Christmas show," says Karin, and then dedicates "Fever" to a couple on a date in the … [Read more...]