Archives for April 28, 2006

Frederick Buechner on the role of the religious

The Detroit Free Press hands the microphone to Frederick Buechner for a few typically powerful words from the heart. "What we need to do as religious persons, I think, is we need to become tellers of holy secrets. ... I'm talking here about the deeper secrets in life that give us glimpses of a world beyond this world." … [Read more...]

Another, um, notable review of "United 93"

Keith Uhlich at Slant: is nowhere near as strong as the stink of synergy. Certainly this isn't the first Hollywood production done in by the competing corporate and personal interests that funded it (consider the unspoken implications—both commercial and propagandistic—of the film's last-minute title change from Flight 93 to United 93), but it is the only one I've come across where the families of those onboard gave it their full-on approval. Not all the families, of course. All evidence s … [Read more...]