Archives for May 16, 2006

First "Da Vinci Code" screening provokes laughter, silence

I knew it!!Sounds like The DaVinci Code is so bad, people are laughing at the wrong moments. ... the reaction at the first press screening in Cannes was largely negative, and loud laughter broke out at one of the pivotal scenes."Nothing really works. It's not suspenseful. It's not romantic. It's certainly not fun," said Stephen Schaefer of the Boston Herald."It seems like you're in there forever. And you're conscious of how hard everybody's working to try to make sense of something … [Read more...]

“It’s just a movie” Except that 60% believe its lies.

Calm down.You Christians are just paranoid.It's fiction.It's just a movie.And yet... today, on ABC News: "The Da Vinci Code” has undermined faith in the Roman Catholic Church and badly damaged its credibility, a survey of British readers revealed Tuesday as tensions over — and hype for — the forthcoming film reached a fever pitch....The British survey, released by a group of prominent Catholics, revealed that readers of Dan Brown's blockbuster novel are twice as likely to … [Read more...]

Mark Moring on Bruce Springsteen’s "We Shall Overcome"

Christianity Today's Mark Moring sings the praises of Bruce Springsteen singing the praises of Pete Seeger singing the praises of God. … [Read more...]

The Great Kid-Flicks Contest

Imagine the folks at The Criterion Collection called you up and pose you this question:"We're starting a special series on the world's greatest films for young people (12 or younger). We want to see your top five recommendations."Which titles would you recommend?Here we go... Looking Closer's Great Kid-Flicks Contest!Send me your top five, in no particular order, or go all the way to ten if you like. Post them here as a comment (no anonymous lists accepted), or email them to … [Read more...]