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Rosenbaum on "World Trade Center"

At The Chicago Reader, Jonathan Rosenbaum weighs in on World Trade Center: “THE HOLOCAUST IS ABOUT six million people who get killed,” Stanley Kubrick reportedly said to screenwriter Frederic Raphael in the late 90s. “Schindler’s List was about 600 people who don’t.” Assuming the quote is right, Kubrick’s speaking about the Holocaust in the present tense and about a movie made half a century later in the past tense suggests something about his priorities.They probably aren’t the priorities o … [Read more...]


It was just an ordinary mid-summer day in movieland, with a bunch of chatter about the box office and the Oliver Stone film's underwhelming opening weekend, when what should appear at Cinematical, but the sort of news that makes serious movie buffs sit up and pay close attention:China's Hou Hsiao-hsien, director of The Flowers of Shanghai, Cafe Lumiere and Three Times (one of this year's best films), is back at work. And this time, he's filming in Paris... with Juliette Binoche. … [Read more...]