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Ralph Winter: Producer of Blockbuster movies. “Gladiator” fan. Comic-book movie expert. Christian.

"Hollywood."In the media... especially in the Christian media... the word "Hollywood" gets thrown around a lot."Hollywood is anti-Christian. It is always producing projects that lampoon, criticize, and ridicule Christians.""We need to clean up Hollywood.""Christians should not have anything to do with what comes out of Hollywood."Meanwhile, in the middle of Hollywood, you'll find Christians are working hard to create good films, to deliver excellent performances, to write … [Read more...]

What is a “Christian Movie”?

"Christian."What is it?Is it an adjective?* * * * * * * * * * * * *Is "a Christian" someone who prayed a prayer asking Jesus into their heart? What if that person forgets about that prayer, and strays?Is it someone who continues in a dedicated fashion to pursue and develop a relationship with Christ?The word began as a label that others put upon the disciples of Christ, a teasing sort of label: "Little Christs." And the name stuck. It was, whether intended that way or … [Read more...]

“Jesus Camp”: The “best journalism” About Contemporary Christian Conservatism?

Jeff Sharlet at The Revealer reviews Jesus Camp and says, "I can't recommend it strongly enough. Jesus Camp turns out to be perhaps the best work of journalism -- or art -- dealing with contemporary Christian conservatism."Let's say that he's right, and Jesus Camp really is the best work of journalism dealing with contemporary Christian conservatism. … [Read more...]