Archives for October 1, 2006

Information About “Information”

Beck's last album, Guero (not counting the album of remixes that came after it), was a smorgasboard of so-so songs with a few flashes of genius.According to Stephen Thomas Erlewine (in what must be the longest unbroken paragraph published this week), Beck's new album The Information is significantly better than that. There's a greater sense of craft here and while craft isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Beck, it's what happens when an eccentric sticks … [Read more...]

A Few Predictions About “The Nativity Story”

I haven't seen anything but the trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's The Nativity Story yet. And I really don't have any particular expectations about the film itself.When I saw Hardwicke's Thirteen, which starred Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood, I was quite impressed with the performances of her cast. Whether that was just the cast being brilliant, or whether it had something to do with Hardwicke's direction, well, that will probably become more clear as we see more of Hardwicke's … [Read more...]