Archives for November 13, 2006

First Things Reviews “Babel”

At First Things, Anthony Sacramone has turned in an insightful review of Babel... and what it could have been. … [Read more...]

Blast From the Past: 1988 and “The Indescribable Wow”

I was delighted to discover a brand new review of one of my all-time favorite albums this morning. And it's a thoughtful one, too.Remember The Indescribable Wow? … [Read more...]

Warning: There’s “Pushing and Shoving” in “The Nativity Story”

A prominent Christian media personality has disregarded the professional standard of waiting until opening day to publish a review of The Nativity Story, and he offers some rather, um, arresting observations: Having spent some time in Israel researching other movies, I can attest to the authenticity of even the smallest details of life in Israel in the first century. The crucifixions, the agriculture, the ephods, everything is done exquisitely.... I can hardly wait. There's nothing I love more … [Read more...]