Archives for November 15, 2006

One of the Greatest Christian Heroes the Big Screen’s Ever Seen…

... is here on DVD at last.Sophie Scholl: The Final Days is not only one of the best films to play on American screens this year, but it also boasts one of the greatest performances by an actress in the last several years. Julia Jentsch is riveting in this film. … [Read more...]

Christianity Today on Wendell Berry

One of my favorite writers, Wendell Berry, is getting some well-deserved attention today from Christianity Today. … [Read more...]

U2’s New (Completely Unnecessary) Compilation

U218, which arrives in stores Nov. 21, is a waste of time for anybody who already has the best-of collections that they released a few years ago.There's nothing in these 15 singles that you don't already know by heart, except...the recent U2/Green Day collaboration-cover of "The Saints are Coming," which does indeed rock, and... "Windows in the Sky," which is as jubilant and celebratory as "Beautiful Day," and which U2-friendly churches are more than likely to integrate in their … [Read more...]