Archives for November 20, 2006

UPDATED: Jeffrey Wells on New Line’s decision against Peter Jackson

Wells has a forceful opinion of the fate of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. (Earlier story here, and further thoughts here.) In short, he thinks New Line has done the right thing, and he's glad that Jackson's out. … [Read more...]

My Conversation(s) with Darren Aronofsky (“The Fountain,” “Requiem for a Dream”)

Earlier this month, I had a long conversation with director Darren Aronofsky, the man responsible for this year's most ambitious sci-fi film The Fountain, and who has also given us Requiem for a Dream and Pi.We talked by telephone about The Fountain, and about how it begs to be interpreted in so many different ways. We talked about the power of myth, the idea that the world's religions can be traced to common origins, and humankind's constant struggle to solve the problem of mortality … [Read more...]

An Appeal to MGM: Get Alfonzo Cuaron to Direct “The Hobbit”

Since Peter Jackson has just made it offical... he's not going to direct The Hobbit... the biggest guaranteed blockbuster on the "Coming Soon" list is now in need of a director.MGM is probably going to have directors lined up begging for the job.And I know who they should hire.Consider this record:The timeless, beautiful children's film A Little Princess Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, the best of the Potter film franchise so far a standard-setting, earth-shaking … [Read more...]

Peter Jackson on Why He Won’t Direct “The Hobbit”

Here's's big breaking news on The Hobbit...So, since Peter Jackson will not be directing The Hobbit, but MGM is planning to find another director who will... … [Read more...]