Archives for November 30, 2006

Record-Breaker: 17 Movies in This week’s Film Forum

Which Christian film critic calls The Fountain "a syncretistic mishmash that never addresses core biblical teaching about humanity's sin and our need for a Savior"? And which one calls it "a brilliantly conceived and executed artistic vision"? Who said Deja Vu "feels a bit like a shell game"? What do Christian critics think of the new James Bond? Is Bobby going to "lead many people astray, morally, politically and theologically" with "false Romantic, Neo-Marxist liberal ideology and … r … [Read more...]

Manderlay (2005)

Danish director Lars von Trier gave us a remarkable, audacious film in 2004 called Dogville. The film starred Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany, Anne Bancroft, and a supporting cast of familiar faces, but it also demanded our own participation. The story played out on a stage decorated with a few props and chalk outlines that told us where the houses, streets, and other important landmarks were.The film told the story of a gangster's daughter, Grace, who happens upon a small town and, during her vi … [Read more...]

“United 93”: First Impressions

Well, I took a deep breath and watched United 93 during the Seattle snowstorm.And it was just as harrowing as I feared, just as harrowing as it should be. … [Read more...]

New York Times on the Jackson/Hobbit Situation

The New York Times is now giving page space to the current troubles in The Shire.It's likely that the smart money is on Jackson still getting the job. We'll see.Why do I care?I love that book.If I could, I would keep The Hobbit off the big screen because of the way the movie will rob so many young people of the opportunity to imagine it all for themselves. … [Read more...]