Archives for December 1, 2006

Reactions to “Apocalypto”

UPDATED: Some friends of mine over at have just seen Apocalypto, yet another film I couldn't see due to ice and snow this week.Here are a few things they've said: Wow. This is the most violent movie I've ever seen. People die in some extremely graphic, horrific, unimaginably nasty ways. If you thought The Passion was brutal, well, some of the killings here are even more explicit than the scourging at the pillar sequence. ... Visually, it's admirably detailed and there are … [Read more...]

“The Nativity Story”: Your Reviews

Since snow and ice have kept me from the Seattle press screenings of The Nativity Story, chances are you will see the movie before I do. (I'm going to try to catch a Saturday or Sunday matinee.)If you see it, tell us what you think of it. The reviews in the mainstream press are wide-ranging, from ridicule to raves. I know at least one Seattle church has rented out a whole theater for an early screening tonight. Is your church planning anything?Post your review in the Comments below. I'm … [Read more...]

Headed Back to Auralia’s Colors for One Last Investigation

I have received the text of Auralia's Colors back from the publisher, and my editor has come up with a tantalyzing list of questions, encouraging me to give some of the supporting characters more time to play a part in the story. … [Read more...]