Archives for December 4, 2006

“What?! You Mentioned Mormonism?”

A few days back, Christianity Today Movies published an interview with film director Richard Dutcher, who has a Mormon background.And this provoked a classic reactionary response. … [Read more...]

Another Cry of Dismay about “Apocalypto”

From an insightful friend who just saw Apocalypto: I found Apocalypto truly repulsive. There really is no point to this disgusting movie. Unfortunately, it appears to justify everything negative we've heard about Mel's predelictions. I still haven't seen The Passion, but now when I do, I'll be unable to view it without a lot of baggage -- the result of watching Apocalypto. ... Something's wrong with Gibson. It's pretty sick. ... I cannot fathom how anyone could bring themselves to recommend it, … [Read more...]

The Perilous Road of Engaging Our Culture

On Friday, I spoke to a class of English literature students at Seattle Pacific University. I told them about my life at the movies, about the varoius warnings I've heard from Christians over the years about the dangers of movies like... oh... The Empire Strikes Back, Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, and The Story of the Weeping Camel.My primary goal in sharing my experiences with them was to encourage them to bravely venture forth into the art of popular culture, as a way of learning … [Read more...]

Twins! Congratulations to Geoffrey and Melody.

This was a scene at Geoff and Melody's house just a few weeks ago. You can only see four people on that couch... but there were, in fact, six people on that couch. Two of them weren't quite ready to be born.But now, they're here. The twins have been born!I've been through a lot with these two since we first met during freshman orientation at Seattle Pacific University in 1989. The adventures they've had, the courage they've shown, the love they lavish upon each other and their … [Read more...]