Archives for December 6, 2006

Why Is “The New World” on 2005 Best-Lists If Malick Finished It in 2006?

The final cut of Terrence Malick's The New World was not finished until January 2006.It was not shown to critics in Seattle until January 18, 2006.The cut that was shown to Oscar voters in a rather rushed attempt to get an Oscar nomination was not the finished film.And yet, critics everywhere are counting The New World as a 2005 picture. … [Read more...]

Questions for Alfonso Cuarón?

I'll be meeting Alfonso Cuarón on Monday, and I've got all kinds of questions for him. … [Read more...]

So It Begins: National Board of Review’s Top Ten of 2006

The National Board of Review, a secretive and suspicious society of film reviewers, have come up with their Top Ten of 2006.Their best picture pick? Letters from Iwo Jima, Clint Eastwood's follow-up to Flags of Our Fathers. … [Read more...]