Archives for December 7, 2006

My talk with The Nativity Story’s screenwriter, Mike Rich

My interview with Mike Rich, the guy who wrote The Rookie, Radio, and The Nativity Story, is now posted on the website for Response Magazine.I've interviewed a lot of writers and filmmakers. Few have been as eloquent as Rich. It was a pleasure to talk with him. … [Read more...]

Specials: National Board of What?; Time Out on NY Critics; Battlestar Galactica

"The National Board of Review" - impressive name, no credibility At Hollywood Elsewhere today, Jeffrey Wells links to Roger Friedman's bit about the National Board of (not-so-credible) Review. Who are they to be naming the Best Films of 2006? Find out.And speaking of reviewers... … [Read more...]

Christian Film Critics Publish “Outrageous, Disingenuous Lies” for God’s Glory

This week's Film Forum contains dangerous material.Christians are giving mixed reviews to The Nativity Story.Some of them love it, some of them like it, some of them don't like it.Could it be that a movie might fall short of greatness, even if the story that it tells is the Greatest Story Ever Told?Could it be that a Christian might still have misgivings about a work of art, even if that art is about Jesus?Or is it a crime to point out weaknesses in a big-screen version of … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine in New York Press

I bring you tidings of great joy which shall be for all the music lovers:The New York Press has an article about the new Over the Rhine Christmas album! … [Read more...]