Archives for December 16, 2006

Morefield Says, Shut Up and Go See the Chicks!

I've just posted Ken Morefield's review of Shut Up and Sing, the new documentary about the Dixie Chicks and the trouble they fell into when one of them said something critical about the President. After musing about the effects of Natalie's challenging lyrics, he ends up considering the effects... or lack of them... caused by a certain television personality. … [Read more...]

Congratulations to The Beauty!!

One of my dearest, closest friends, Todd Fadel, who I've known since we were... oh... two?... is in a band called The Beauty. (The other fellow in the band is Matt Zimmerman.)They're from Portland.I've been in an improv comedy band with Todd for about 15 years now... The Garbage Chute Flyboys... a little part of my life I never really discuss here.Anyway, The Beauty is not a comedy band. They rock. Specifically, they rock Portland, Oregon. They also rock MySpace.And The Beauty … [Read more...]

“Apocalypto” – Catholic? Chattaway says “No way!”

You didn't think I'd go another day without posting something about Apocalypto... a movie I still haven't seen... did you? … [Read more...]