Archives for January 6, 2007

Sara Zarr Interviewed at School Library Journal

You meet the most interesting people at the Glen Workshop (which, by the way, is open for registration again). Sara Zarr had just scored a book contract when I first met her, and now the book is here -- Story of a Girl. And Sara's just been interviewed about it for School Library Journal.If you know a young adult who needs a good read, check out Sara Zarr! … [Read more...]

“Shut Up and Sing”: Opus Cheers for the Chicks.

Yet another friend of mine, Jason Morehead, is raving about Shut Up and Sing! I think it would be too easy to simply focus on the “free speech” angle of the film, though that is certainly an important one, especially in this day and age of a presidency that has seen fit to take elaborate measures to censure free speech. The film should ultimately be celebrated as a testament to such American values as love, friendship, family, and loyalty as much as a testament to free speech. Both highly ent … [Read more...]

“Window in the Skies”: The Video

U2's video for "Window in the Skies" is here, and it's a whole lot of fun. … [Read more...]