Archives for January 12, 2007

Nightmares Abolished! The Cover Art Will Rule.

For years, I have browsed the fantasy literature section of bookstores, and cringed at how many book covers display appallingly bad art.So much fantasy art is cheesy, ridiculously lurid, painfully derivative, and preoccupied with violent spectacles.All along the way, I've prayed: "Lord, if you ever bless me with the publication of a store, please, please, please... save me from a bad book cover." And I've had nightmares about what I would do if the book had a cover that misrepresented … [Read more...]

Vote now in CT’s readers’ poll: Best Movies of 2006!

Just so you know, Christianity Today gives positive reviews to wicked movies like Pan's Labyrinth. At least, that's what this letter writer says on the … [Read more...]

New Innocence Mission Album Details

from FMQB: On March 20, Badman Recording Co. will release We Walked In Song, the ninth studio recording from The Innocence Mission. The 11 tracks were recorded and mixed by Don Peris at his home studio in Lancaster with his wife Karen on vocals, guitars, pump and Hammond organs and piano. Don Peris handles backing vocals, guitars, drums and Hammond organ, and Mike Bitts is on upright and electric bass. The band plans on touring the East Coast in the spring. What about the West Coast? We miss … [Read more...]