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Tsotsi (2005)

Question: What happens when a newborn baby ends up in the care of a lawless, gun-toting gangster?Answer: That really depends on the gangster.If Gavin Hood's directorial debut, Tsotsi, is going to make a lasting impression on moviegoers, it will have to succeed on word-of-mouth reviews. It just doesn't have the stuff that makes a flashy marketing campaign. Let's skip the fact that most American moviegoers will have trouble pronouncing the title... Tsotsi is a tough, violent film about … [Read more...]

Here they come! Copies of Through a Screen Darkly are On Their Way!

I'm told that the box full of books should arrive on my doorstep this week.Some copies have already been delivered to book reviewers.Almost as long as I've been able to write my name on paper, I've wondered what this moment would be like... to hold my first copy of my own published book. I'm so weary from all of the writing and editing I've done recently, I hope I can stand up straight and appreciate it. It's been a long strange trip. … [Read more...]