Archives for February 6, 2007

The Top Ten Films of 2006, According to Christianity Today

The film critics of Christianity Today Movies have voted.And these are the Cream of the Crop ... the Top 10 Films of 2006.Quite a few critics contributed here, and we all had strikingly different opinions, so it's interesting to see how it all worked out. And hey, look what's at #3! The New World! … [Read more...]

My Conversation with Steve Taylor, and Other Bonus Materials

In October, I interviewed one of my heroes, rock star and filmmaker Steve Taylor about the experience of making his first feature film, The Second Chance.And then I wrote the interview into my book.And then the book got too long, and I had to cut several chapters.Sadly, the interview was one of the pieces that had to go, and that was one of the cuts that hurt the most. But I am now offering it as part of the book's bonus material. ... … [Read more...]

Margaret Smith – the adventure continues

One of the most inspiring and creative artists I know, Margaret Smith, seems to have some new and exciting chapter in her life opening up every time I talk with her.But this week, she's blogging about having made a remarkable decision. She's become a Benedictine oblate novice. Ahhh, following in the footsteps of the great Kathleen Norris. … [Read more...]

Matthew Winslow reviews "Through a Screen Darkly"

Infuze Magazine has not only posted the full first chapter for Through a Screen Darkly ... but they now have Matthew Winslow's review of the book. … [Read more...]