Archives for February 13, 2007

"Through a Screen Darkly" – on CT’s front page today!

Through a Screen Darkly is front-page news at Christianity Today right now ......and it looks like Rob Moll must have interviewed me somewhere along the way. Sneaky fellow! (Note: You can post comments at the bottom of the interview... and at the bottom of the review as well!)They've also re-posted the CT review of the book.Wow.I learned what book reviews were all about by reading them when I was a kid. CT was the only magazine my father subscribed to, so when it arrived I was … [Read more...]

CT’s Top Ten Lists: A Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

If you're reading Through a Screen Darkly, you've probably come across some of my "war stories" about the outrageous letters and emails I've received over the years as a Christian film reviewer.I wish I could say things are getting easier. They're not. … [Read more...]

Chattaway criticizes “Last Sin Eater”, Director Fires Back

Peter T. Chattaway wrote a thoughtful, observant review of the new movie called The Last Sin Eater this week at Christianity Today Movies.Just as a Christian car mechanic should be concerned with the technical condition of a car, so a film critic should concern himself with the technical condition of a car. Peter is a Christian ... has been for as long as he's been writing, and longer, and has been a vital part of evangelical-Christian dialogue for years. In the interest of encouraging … [Read more...]