Archives for February 19, 2007

Through a Screen Darkly – The Radio Broadcast Tour!

The marathon of radio appearances for Through a Screen Darkly is already well-underway, but I thought it would be good to start posting the dates and times here, to give readers a chance to call in to the show if you really want to cause trouble.... … [Read more...]

I’m in Bellingham!

In about an hour, I'll be at Luci Shaw's arts-and-faith gathering, Open Windows, to talk to them about my experience reviewing films and writing Through a Screen Darkly. It's a privilege to be invited to speak there, since I've learned so much from Luci and her husband John. I'm still an apprentice here.My Internet access here is intermittent, so forgive me if I'm slow in moderating comments to the blog today. I'm having a tough time finding places with a good signal. … [Read more...]