Archives for February 20, 2007

Should Christians Give Christian Movies Rave Reviews?

If you've been reading this blog recently, you know that Christian film critics sometimes get blasted for pointing out weaknesses in Christian films.I thought I'd ask the thoughtful, eloquent crowd of Christians over at what they think about this question: … [Read more...]

The Christianity Today Readers’ Poll

I've already linked to Christianity Today's "Most Redeeming Movies of 2006" list (a list of the most inspiring, redemptive big-screen stories of the year).And I've linked to their critics' "Cream of the Crop" list (a list of the films that CT critics found to be the most accomplished works of cinematic art).But there's another list I forgot to mention: the Readers' Poll!!A "critic of the critics" recently criticized CT Movies film reviewers for being "out of touch" with their … [Read more...]

Steven Greydanus on the First Must-See Movie of 2007

Steven D. Greydanus at Decent Films, one of my favorite film critics, has me scrambling to make plans to see a quiet movie that just might creep past moviegoers unnoticed. … [Read more...]