Archives for March 1, 2007

Kim Jeffries Asks Me About Ricky Bobby’s Baby Jesus Prayer, and More…

Yesterday on the Kim Jeffries show, Kim and I discussedthe Oscars, what the five contenders had in common, what was wrong (or right) with Ricky Bobby's "Baby Jesus" prayer in Talladega Nights, whether or not I was offended by Brian Dannelly's comedy Saved!, and what in the world is my favorite movie.Somewhere along the way a troublemaking caller named Martin challenged me to explain the thinking behind Christianity Today's top ten list for 2006 ... or better, the three top ten … [Read more...]

“Film Forum” is Coming to Looking Closer!

As I sat watching the Oscars and writing the last installment of Film Forum for Christianity Today, I was inspired by all of the thank-you speeches made by the winners.So I've started this week’s edition with thanks to a few people who have supported me in this work over six years. And I want to repeat those thanks here. … [Read more...]