Archives for March 5, 2007

FILM FORUM: Into Great Silence, Zodiac, Black Snake Moan, and Wild Hogs

Welcome to the first installment of Looking Closer's Film Forum! Yes, Film Forum has moved from Christianity Today Movies to Looking Closer, and things are going to change somewhat. It'll include links to a wider range of reviews, from the religious press to mainstream film criticism. It's not meant to be a comprehensive list of reviews, but rather just a journal of the reviews that caught my attention with some arresting observations or opinions. We have oh-so-many mainstream reviews that … [Read more...]

“Have We Lost Our Minds?” Readers Say “No!”

My blog post about CT Movies' reviews and the Christian perspective that informs them was republished (in an abridged, revised form) at CT Movies. … [Read more...]

Arcade Fire’s Church-Based Album

Arcade Fire's Neon Bible is the album with the most buzz this month. And they've earned that hype. There are a lot of reasons I'm curious about Neon Bible, and here's one of them... … [Read more...]