Archives for March 6, 2007

Philip Yancey Recovering After a Roll-Over Car Accident

Some of you may already know this, but I learned a few days ago that Philip Yancey, an author whose work has had a great influence in my life and in the lives of countless Christians around the world, was injured in a roll-over car accident. … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman on Britney Spears, American Idol, and Calvin College

Once again, Andy Whitman is a shining a beacon through the cultural fog. … [Read more...]

Chapter One

An abridged version of Chapter One of Through a Screen Darkly is up at Christianity Today Movies. … [Read more...]

Matt Conner at Infuze Magazine

Infuze Magazine has already published a review and an excerpt of Through a Screen Darkly.Today, they've published an interview! … [Read more...]

More on Arcade Fire’s “Neon Bible”

Another arresting quote from the lead singer of Arcade Fire: “Central to the album," Win Butler says, "is this idea that Christianity and consumerism are completely compatible, which I think is the great insanity of our times.’”- Chicago Tribune, Section 7, p14, March 4, 2007 Thanks to Thom for catching that! … [Read more...]