Archives for March 9, 2007

David Poland on “The New World”

In a post about how to decide whether or not a movie is too long, David Poland brings up -- surprise, surprise -- The New World: There are very few directors who still get “final cut” from studios. And even fewer who deserve it. I love Terrence Malick’s work and I quite liked both versions of The New World that I saw and even look forward to someday seeing the 3 hour version that Malick told some people he would be delivering. But he killed New Line’s ability to market the film by changing it so … [Read more...]

Jeff Berryman on “Facing the Giants”

Actor, novelist, playwright, and director Jeff Berryman knows a lot about great art, great storytelling, and great drama. So when he goes to a movie, I want to know what he thinks.Looks like he finally sat down to watch Facing the Giants. … [Read more...]