Archives for April 29, 2007

Looking Closer’s Film Forum: “Jindabyne”

Jindabyne is the first dramatic feature film I've seen in 2007 so far that has greatly impressed me. My review will be up at Christianity Today when it opens wider than the current limited release. But for those of you who have a chance to see it, make sure you do: It's riveting, complex, and deeply rewarding if you have the patience for it. I've been reading several reviews that get to the reasons for my enthusiasm. It's not as satisfying as Ray Lawrence's 2001 drama Lantana, but there is a … [Read more...]

Looking Closer’s Film Forum: “Fracture”

Fracture Ryan Gosling. Anthony Hopkins. You would think those would be two great reasons to run out and see Fracture. And yet, the current reviews have discouraged me from rushing out to see it. See for yourself... In The National Review, Peter Suderman says it's "another plodding exercise in legal proceedings and implausibly mangled plotlines. Primal Fear and Fallen were at least diverting, but this time around, Hoblit and his writers didn’t even have the decency to learn why the genre works … [Read more...]

Is It “Ark Week”?

What is going on? I just posted a story about a guy who built an ark, and now I'm reading that Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) is building one too! Aronofsky and Noah go way back. When the writer-director was 13, he won a United Nations competition at his school in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn; it was for his first poem, a little effort about the end of the world as seen through Noah's eyes. "That story has interested me ever since," he says, squinting through his … [Read more...]