Archives for May 3, 2007

Len Evans Discovers “Darkly”

Here's another blogger, Len Evans, thinking about Through a Screen Darkly. … [Read more...]

Beyond “Darkly”: Christians in Hollywood Ponder Next Steps

I recently visited Biola University to speak about Through a Screen Darkly during their 2007 Media Conference. While I was there, I talked with several industry movers and shakers, and then wrote about the questions challenging Christians in Hollywood today. … [Read more...]

“Darkly” Inspires a Small-World Connection

Jessica Poundstone, a friend of mine quoted in Through a Screen Darkly, had quite a surprise when her quote made its way to the attention of the very person she was talking about... Bill Frisell.You gotta read it to believe it. … [Read more...]

“Darkly” Goes Past the Popcorn

Greg Wright recently noted Through a Screen Darkly in a commentary at Past the Popcorn. Context is everything. And no movie—no single tale in Scripture, even—can possibly tell the whole story of God’s redemptive plan. Even Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, that R-rated Christian audience-pleaser, only manages to tell a portion of Jesus’ story. The best that we can hope, especially of human story-telling, is that one fragment of the Gospel — a vision of man’s brokenness, perhaps, or a parab … [Read more...]

A Two-Part Interview at Christians in the Arts

Leanne Benfield Martin is featuring a two-part interview about Through a Screen Darkly at her blog: Christians in the Arts.Here are some of her challenging questions... … [Read more...]

Professor Paul Kuritz says…

I've just discovered the blog of a fellow named Professor Paul Kuritz. Because he just just discovered Through a Screen Darkly.Thank you for that review, Professor Kuritz! … [Read more...]

Decemberists and Diamonds

Anybody planning to be at the My Brightest Diamond / The Decemberists show in Seattle tomorrow night?I'll be there. Send me a note so I can watch for you. … [Read more...]