Archives for May 4, 2007

Looking Closer’s Film Forum: “Spider-Man 3”

Spider-Man 3 explores the latest chapter of Peter Parker's education in the balance of power and responsibility. In the first film, he was exhilarated by newfound talents, and learned to use them for the greater good. In Spider-Man 2, he felt the burden of responsibility, and considered tossing the mask aside and living a normal life. This time, Spider-Man's brought crime to a standstill and become the most popular celebrity in New York. But pride comes before a fall, and when you're swinging … [Read more...]

Looking Closer’s Film Forum: “Hot Fuzz”

Folks have been asking what I thought of Hot Fuzz. (In fact, when I spoke at Seattle's Chesterton Society last Thursday about the complicated questions facing Christians in the moviemaking arena, the very first question after my presentation was: "So what did you think of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead?" Long awkward silence. I blinked, stammered a bit, and shifted into fanboy mode... but it was an awkward shift.) Why haven't I bothered to write about it? Maybe it's because, while I enjoyed it, … [Read more...]

Coen Brothers’ New Film “a Glory to Behold”?

I was excited when I read the book. I've been eager for the film. If I see more reviews like this, the wait is going to become unbearable... … [Read more...]