Archives for May 22, 2007

Farewell to the Storyteller Who Imagined the Horned King

Lloyd Alexander was one of the fantasy authors who inspired me to write story after story as I was growing up.He died last Friday, and I didn't learn about it until today. What a loss. Alexander's The Prydain Chronicles remains one of the great achievements in fantasy writing... not just for children, but for anyone. The Horned King became a permanent fixture in my nightmares long before Disney's lousy (but visually enthralling) adaptation The Black Cauldron. … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Monster

I'm "in the zone." I've "jumped a train." I'm hanging on to the story while it charges ahead.The sequel to Auralia's Colors has the tentative title Cyndere's Midnight. And I'm going to be writing it on lunch breaks, coffee breaks, evenings, and weekends between now and the end of June.It's a "fairy tale for grownups"... a sort of Pan's Labyrinth meets The Island of Dr. Moreau meets... um, would you believe Three Colors: Blue?Anyway, here's how you can help: Tell me about your … [Read more...]

Tolkien would not be pleased.

At the beginning of the trailer for The Golden Compass, New Line boasts about its wildly successful Lord of the Rings franchise. (Interesting, since their president has nothing good to say about Peter Jackson, and won't let him make The Hobbit.)As the trailer opens, we see the Ring of Power.And then, to promise us something of equal importance, New Line displays the One Ring transforming into the "aletheometer," an instrument in The Golden Compass that supposedly "tells the … [Read more...]