Archives for June 5, 2007

“Fay Grim” and “Waitress”

During hours when I couldn't write over the last couple of weeks, I managed to wedge in two films... Fay Grim'Tis the summer of sequels. But forget Spidey, Captain Jack, and Jason Bourne... I know what you've REALLY been waiting to see. The follow-up to Henry Fool!!What? You haven’t? You never saw Hal Hartley’s sick and twisted 1998 comedy about the garbage man who became a famous poet?If you want a witty, challenging comedy about art, pornography, poetry, trash, publishing, a … [Read more...]

Vintage T-Bone Burnett

Interested in some vintage T-Bone Burnett music?Check it out. Rhino is releasing a deluxe package of Proof Through the Night and Trap Door (or, to be exact, The Complete Trap Door).Thanks to Jim Bricker for the alert! … [Read more...]

Specials: Cairns and Overstreet Poetry! “Knocked Up.” “All About Adam.” “The Golden Compass.” “Spidey 3.” Helen Mirren. Aronofsky.

Here are a few links I've been saving up this week...Scott Cairns and Anne Overstreet both have poems in the new issue of Relief! Order your copy today!Ross Douthat on Knocked Up and its (surprising?) lack of talk about abortion. (Updated: Even more.) (Oh, and I just discovered his first post on the movie.)Peter Chattaway on Disney's upcoming Adam-and-Eve movie... All About Adam.Peter's also keeping an eye on The Golden Compass's movie hype, and how director Chris Weitz and … [Read more...]

Music bits: U2 Album Progress. Whitman’s aves. Hartse on Feist. The Believer.

A quick blitz of music links:U2's progress on their new album. Andy Whitman rates the best albums so far this year. Joel Hartse reviews Feist's The Reminder. A summary of The Believer's annual Music Issue. … [Read more...]