Archives for June 20, 2007

For book clubs, for film-discussion groups, or just for some summer reading…

I've been fairly quiet lately about the progress of Through a Screen Darkly. But, having just started taking notes for my next book about film, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to share a couple of recent highlights.I just delivered some copies of Darkly to a book club. And I was thrilled that they selected my book as the centerpiece of their summertime reading and discussion, and have been hearing from similar groups around the country. … [Read more...]

Evan All-Mushy?

¬†Yikes.The hype for Evan Almighty is so big, you can hardly visit a Christian media website these days without the banner-ads knocking you senseless.Well, sure, the charities that may gain from the movie are probably quite honorable. But wouldn't it be nice if all of this well-intentioned philanthropy associated itself with a movie worth seing?Just how good is this movie that so many will be paying out ten bucks a ticket to see? I haven't seen it, so I can't say. I'll just point … [Read more...]