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Tarkovsky’s Top Ten

At Soul Food Movies, Ron Reed rediscovers Andrei Tarkovsky's top ten movies. Wow. That's a must-see list for all serious cinephiles. Having just seen The Sacrifice, the prominence of Bergman doesn't surprise me. If I hadn't known that The Sacrifice was a Tarkovsky film, I might have thought it was Bergman paying tribute to Tarkovsky rather than the other way around... … [Read more...]

An English Professor Reports on Using “Through a Screen Darkly” in the Classroom

Many thanks to Christine Chaney, Ph.D., in the Department of English at Seattle Pacific University, for sharing these kind words... Jeffrey Overstreet's Through A Screen Darkly was a remarkably compelling book for my university students in a recent core course on the arts and faith – for some students even a transformative experience. His powerful and honest testimony about his own life, education, and faith — and the role that film played in coming to terms with all three — helped students in t … [Read more...] interview: "Through a Screen Darkly"

Angela Walker at has just posted what may be the most substantial interview yet about Through a Screen Darkly. … [Read more...]

Tina Forkner on “Through a Screen Darkly”

At a writers' retreat several weeks ago, I met Tina Forkner, a novelist who was still dizzy with the excitement of just getting her first book contract. Tina's a storyteller with a poet's eye for detail, and it was a pleasure to get to know her a get a glimpse of the stories she's going to share with the world.Tina and I come from very different places, but our experiences as artists within the church have had some striking similarities. I sent her a copy of Through a Screen Darkly, and was … [Read more...]

“Prince Caspian” Update

My least favorite part of Andrew Adamson's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe... the unimaginative, excessive battle scene. … [Read more...]

Andy Whitman: Music Blogger

When Andy blogs, I end up spending money on new music.Here's his latest batch of discoveries. Beware.  … [Read more...]