Archives for August 21, 2007

Kate DiCamillo’s Back!

Kate DiCamillo has joined the short list of my all-time favorite storytellers, and this year she's releasing a new book on my birthday!Not familiar with DiCamillo?Start with The Tiger Rising, a heartbreaking masterpiece, and then read The Tale of Despereaux (quick, before it becomes a movie). … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine, Reviewed by Thom Jurek

Here's  Thom Jurek's review of Over the Rhine's The Trumpet Child.Jurek, like Andy Whitman, is one of the music critics whose reflections always challenge, inform, and inspire me... even when I disagree.His review of The Trumpet Child is sharp and full of references to send you scurrying about and discovering the treasure troves that inspired Over the Rhine to make this music. He singles out a couple of tracks he wishes they'd left off. Me, I would have made different selections... but t … [Read more...]