Archives for August 26, 2007

Come Have a Pint at The Eagle and Child.

Yep.I have another blog.I'm going for some kind of world record.I'm really excited about this one. It will give me a chance to invite you to meet some of the most interesting people I know in the world of artmaking.Ever since I visited The Eagle and Child, the pub where the Inklings gathered to discuss their work, I've wanted to start a website with that title. And now... since I really have nothing else to do (choke, cough)... I've started a blog where I'll be hosting … [Read more...]

Steven D. Greydanus at Decent Films Notes “Through a Screen Darkly”

A big "Thank you!" to Steven Greydanus, one of my favorite film critics, for being so kind as to highlight Through a Screen Darkly in his latest batch of answers to inquiries at his Decent Films website.When someone asked for a recommendation of a book about Christian perspectives on film, Greydanus answered: Jeff doesn’t just tell you whether or not he liked a movie. He offers you a seat next to him as the movie unfolds and he points out and reflects on the things that thrill, fascinate or … [Read more...]