Archives for August 28, 2007

Christ the Canceled

Looks like creative differences have buried the big-screen version of Anne Rice's Christ the Lord... at least with Good News Holdings.I have a hunch that it'll rise again. … [Read more...]

Album review: The Ragbirds, "Wanderlove"

¬† I've been listening to the new album by The Ragbirds for a few weeks now, and it's been growing on me. So I'm ready to report...First: Listen to new songs by The Ragbirds here, on their MySpace page. When Yes Nearby danced its way like a whirling dervish into stereos two years ago, The Ragbirds won themselves some enthusiastic new fans. Then, as if to prove that they could bring their shapeshifting style to the stage, the band released an energetic live recording: Catching Fi … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine in the Netherlands

Here's a new review of The Trumpet Child from The Corner Table.Here's video from their August 18 performance at the Flevo Festival in the Netherlands. It's a live performance of "Latter Days" on the festival's main stage before close to 10,000 people. You can watch it directly by using this link. (requires Windows Media Player) (Thanks to Matthijs de Jong for the link!)And here's the latest update from Linford, reminiscing about the band's last few weeks across the pond.And guess … [Read more...]