Archives for September 6, 2007

Best Movie Poster Since “Children of Men”?

Wow.I want one for my wall.If I get any more excited about this film, I'm going to be dangerous.  … [Read more...]

Echoes of Pavarotti

Pavarotti's voice will never die. "Luciano Pavarotti was one of the finest singers of our time," the Royal Opera House in London said in a statement."He had a unique ability to touch people with the emotional and brilliant quality of his voice. He was a man with the common touch and the most extraordinary gift. He will be truly missed by millions," the statement said.To the shock of some classical music purists, the larger than life singer extended his appeal far beyond the operatic … [Read more...]

Part 1 of a New Interview… at Culture.ish.

Jason Panella interviewed me for a website called culture.ish.Part One of our conversation was posted this week. Bookmark it so you can go back later, for Part Two.Here are Panella's questions:When did you first realize the importance of taking a critical/thoughtful approach to viewing films? How did you end up as a film reviewer? What is the role of the film critic?Those are challenging pitches to hit, but I took a couple of good swings. You be the judge as to whether I … [Read more...]