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Auralia’s Ongoing Celebrations

Many, many thanks to the crowd that filled all available chairs in The Next Chapter bookstore last Saturday night.Many thanks to John and Sharon Connell for being such generous, gracious hosts there.Thanks to all who listened while I shared the story behind Auralia's Colors, and read Chapter One.Thanks to the heckler who stood across the street from the store and shouted at me.Thanks to my parents for driving all the way from Portland, Oregon. And for teaching me to read and … [Read more...]

Eastern Promises (2007)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today.-In 2004, screenwriter Stephen Knight went prowling in the London underworld and found one of the year's best big-screen stories—Dirty Pretty Things. In that film, illegal immigrants accepted laborious, thankless, humiliating jobs just to scrape up enough cash to survive. For some, desperation led to dangerous deals, like selling their bodily organs to the black market. But the underworld's overlord was eventually challenged by a … [Read more...]