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No End in Sight (2007)

Local news programs have known this secret for a long time: There's nothing like on-the-scene reporting. We can listen to a weatherman speculate, and we can watch as he points to a digital map. But if you've got a reporter out there clinging to an umbrella as the storm hits... that's persuasive coverage!In the documentary No End in Sight, you'll see a lot of familiar sights, and listen again to excerpts from recently televised speeches. These are the ways in which we have learned about what … [Read more...]

And God Was Not in the Spectacle…

Mark Galli on breaking our addiction to spectacle. ...we try to bring earthquake, wind, and fire to church. God is the god of life, after all. We should feel it, no? This, of course, is one of the draws of megachurches, which, because of their size, can do mega-things. Bumper-to-bumper cars streaming into the parking lot. People eight or ten abreast rushing to get a good seat. The voices of thousands raised in song. Lights, video, booming bass and pounding drums, projection screens making it … [Read more...]

Long-title Specials: Fibbs on “Assassination”; a Wedding for Hurst; Flannery on the Church

The Brandon Fibbs Review of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.That was fun to type out. I think I'll share some more news in the same style...-The Proposal of Josh Hurst to Kati Ferst Resulting in Their EngagementCongratulations to one of my favorite bloggers and critics... Josh Hurst!-And finally...The Perspective of Flannery O'Connor on the Imperfections of the ChurchA memorable quote, worth passing around, featured recently at … [Read more...]

On Criticism

My good friend, Mike Demokowicz, a photographer and educator who has taught me a great deal, sent along this quote in an email today.It made me think of Anton Ego's speech in Ratatouille... only it's richer and more complete. … [Read more...]